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This is actually a complete rewrite
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A new PC-version is also planned.

FooBillard (official home page: is a free (libre; licensed under GPL2) OpenGL billiard game for Linux by Florian Berger. This is the page for ports of FooBillard hosted on SourceForge. At the moment, a Win32 port is hosted here. The official page has an OS X port and older Win32 ports. There is also a Polish version, see below for more information.

Eight Ball
Eight Ball
Eight Ball (56KB JPEG, FB2.9)
Another view (57KB JPEG, FB2.9)
Closeup (51KB JPEG, FB2.9)
Stereo View
Snooker (60KB JPEG, FB2.9)
View of cue (58KB JPEG, FB2.9)
Stereo view  (78KB JPEG, FB2.9)
Rendered reflections
Rendered plus fresnel reflections
Closeup of reflections
Rendered reflections
JPEG, FB3.0)
Rendered+fresnel reflections
50KB JPEG, FB3.0)
Cloth texture and reflections
JPEG, FB3.0)

Click on the pictures to download larger versions of the screen shots. These are from the Win32 port, versions 2.9 and 3.0. Please see the official page for more screen shots. Do play the GNU/Linux version in order to experience the original FooBillard. The rendered display with high-quality settings is very nice if you have a fast Nvidia card.

Foobillard summary information can also be found on Freshmeat and FSF's Software Directory.

Win32 Port (Version 3.0 Release 2, 2007-09-25)

FooBillard is best played on Linux with a GeForce2 class or better graphics card and OpenGL libraries with 3D acceleration. Ported by Kein-Hong Man, using Msys+Mingw and SciTE. FooBillard uses SDL, FreeType 2, libpng, zlib, and libgw32c from the GnuWin32 project. This port would not have been possible without GNU tools.

Application Notes

What has been fixed in Win32 Release 2 for FB 3.0 (versus Win32 Release 1 for FB 3.0):

What has been fixed in Win32 Release 1 for FB 3.0 (versus Win32 Release 2 for FB 2.9):

If your graphics card and its Win32 OpenGL driver does not support advanced visual effects, then FooBillard should ignore the high-quality display settings and still work correctly. Older Intel graphics may fail to render the fancy modes. Please see README.win32 in the distribution for the details. The port is quite (but not perfectly) stable. Network play has not been tested, you're welcome to troubleshoot the networking code. As maintainer of the Win32 port, I don't have any big plans; I'm barely familiar with OpenGL, and I usually play FooBillard very casually, mainly for relaxation.

If you wish to give us a monetary contribution, please send your donation to the Free Software Foundation. If you like FooBillard, please convey your words of appreciation, encouragement or worship to Florian Berger. ;-) Logo   Last Revised: 2013-08-16